The main difference between the middle class and millionaires

He was the creator of Yahoo Store, the first web-based application. Paul Graham, who now runs YCombinator – a seed funding for tech startups, released the Arc programming language, which is a new dialect of Lisp.

Since then, there’s been a low end of opinions and furor over Arc’s lofty goals as a programming language. In between the rants, a comment from a Hacker News user stuck in my head, because it answered a lot without much debate:

I read a book called “The 10 differences between the middle class and millionaires,” I think the first difference the author makes is that the middle class talks about people and millionaires talk about ideas. This has stuck with me and I generally try to avoid conversations that are about people …

Now that’s why the game of chess is played with a top-down view.

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