Signal-to-Noise #2

The Republic Day (Mon, 26th Jan) is near while the odd rains in and around New Delhi will hopefully not confine people indoors?during this long weekend. To me, the most amazing sight in the city this time of the year is the evening view of the Rashtrapati Bhavan (Presidents House) which is all lit up and looks magnificent (see photo).

Anyways,?back to the daily rant …

  • MSBuild – Alex Kipman, a Microsoft PM, talks about changing the VS.NET Whidbey build process using it’s new build engine: MSBuild. If you’re interested in batch building or extending your own build process, MSBuild is worth your attention. [via Chris Sells]
  • .NET Identity and Principal Objects – The .NET Framework includes a simple but very flexible identity-based security mechanism. By using it, you can exercise very fine-grained control over who is allowed to use your programs and which functions those users can perform. As discussed in this article by Enrico Sabbadin, the key is a detailed understanding of the Principal and Identity objects. Complete article at informIT …
  • System.DateTime – A Best Practices article on the DateTime class and the DateTime FAQ.?[via BCLTeam]
  • Microsoft Expands .Net With ‘Xen’ -?a new programming language coming out of Microsoft Research. ‘Xen’ programming language unites C#, XML and SQL programming languages. More on ‘Xen’ here and here.
  • Joel Spolsky will be speaking on the subject of Designing Applications with the User in Mind at UC Davis (Davis/Sacramento area) on January 29th 2004. The speech is free and open to the public. More info on Joel’s site/blog.
  • Peter Provost has an excellent FAQ on Virtual PC 2004. [via John Lam]
  • Gus Perez, who has been on the C# team almost since its inception, gives us a look inside the C# (compiler)?team’s testing process. [via Robert Scoble]
  • Simple Tricks for More Usable WebForms
  • Details on what will?be in “Europa,” the next version of FoxPro (.NET ?)
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