WordPress Update

I’ve finally updated the blog to WordPress 2.0.4 (latest). I was earlier running version 1.5 with a custom mod of the Orange Sky theme and a couple of plugins. The update process was quite straight-forward (files, database, configuration). No wonder, WordPress is the best blogging web application out there! For those who cannot setup WP on their own, they can create a WP blog at WordPress.com for free.

The updated admin console is slick and the whole app looks great with a heap of new features. I’m running the default theme for now until I find a new fresh theme for the blog. I also had to disable the Captcha-based comment spam protection because a lot of visitors reported some problems with it which stopped them from posting comments on the blog posts. Instead, WP2 comes with the awesome Akismet spam protection plugin which has so far trapped 200 spam hits on this blog in the past 12 hours – neat eh!

This was a much awaited update I had in mind and I’m glad to have finally got done with it. In the next few days, subject to spare time, I have to:

  • Change the blog theme (look & feel)
  • Fix a few minor issues with the Exhibit image gallery plugin
  • Updated (29 Oct): Upgrade to WP 2.0.5 – which should be a quick one

Something calls for a redesign, I just don’t know what. “Snap out mate”, says Pareto 😉

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