Menwhopause album is out

Yesterday I received a nice message from Satish, the manager of the desi rock band – Menwhopause, that the band has released their new album “Home” and it can be downloaded online. You can also catchup with these guys through their blog, at MySpace, at Flickr (photos), at YouTube (videos) and at Orkut.

Menwhopause - Home

Turn off the Lights, now?

As I stare across the room,
Rather long.
Feeling square.
As I look down at my toes
Feeling soft.
Looking great.

And my memories stare right back again.

A mellow day often ends the same.


I blogged about these guys before as I really like their sound, style and lyrics. All the tracks are great to listen but my favorite tracks from the album are “The Story Begins … Free” and “Sweet Despair”. My best wishes to the band for their future gigs!

Some sections of their new website seem to be under construction but their old website can be browsed for more content.

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