Emm, I’d Like 35.27 Ounces of Happiness Please

Wealth intrigues me. And, it amuses me, because at times I wonder if there’s anything close to “adequate wealth”, or maybe, “good enough to last long” wealth. We are chasing wealth, but it comes with no guarantee of happiness. So I’ve pondered on one of the simplest ways of [continue reading...]

Perfect happiness requires perfect ignorance

The furor behind SiCKO, Michael Moore’s documentary on the US health-care system, has resulted in a debate between Moore and CNN. Moore’s documentary compares the highly profitable American health care industry to other nations and somewhere down the line criticize’s the US health-care system for its deficiencies.

Well, [continue reading...]

The Negative Power of Positive Thinking

Lately, I’ve been focusing on attaining more discipline in my professional life as a startup founder. It had become apparent to me that I needed to step up and make it happen. Striving for it has raised an interesting question in my mind — could positive thinking be delusional [continue reading...]

How Can Hackers Help In The Fight Against Cancer?

When 1 in 3 humans are affected by a disease, it needs attention and help from all corners. There are many types of cancers, so it’s hard to say if we’ll ever be able to completely cure cancer. But prevention, early detection and proper care are crucial in cancer diagnosis [continue reading...]

The Anti-Social Network

“Do feelings of deprivation drive entrepreneurs and economies?,” asks Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a professor at Harvard Business School. After watching ‘The Social Network‘ one evening this week, I was left with feelings of inspiration and speculation, much to do with the same question.

Speaking at Startup School [continue reading...]