Life is beautiful

If you speak my name, I vanish. What am I?


Well I’ve been silent for sometime myself. Taking a break from blogging is a tough job, at times as tough as writing something meaningful. Thoughts fly wild in my mind but they need to be tamed. Been carelessly pretending to be busy lately but I had to give up to this urge to blog sooner or later. And what finally provoked me to write was this magnificent Italian film I watched yesterday called “Life is beautiful” (1997).

Life is beautiful

Roberto Benigni directed and acted in this satire on the Nazi Holocaust. The film won several Oscar’s including the Best Foreign Language Film, and Benigni won Best Actor for his role. The film is such a moving yet simple tale, depicting a beautiful bond between a father and his young son in a Nazi death camp. It seems like a childish expedition right at the tip of social horror. A must watch! This is the kind of substance that a film should possess to bag the Best Foreign Language Oscar. I’m not so sure if “Rang de basanti”, India’s entry for Oscar 2007, has that substance. Maybe, the Canadian entry — “Water” (by Deepa Mehta) will hold stronger.

I also watched Nagesh Kukunoor’s “Dor“. It’s another fine watch in the recent time. I loved the cinematograhy, the screenplay (although not so original) and the performances (specially by Ayesha Takia and Shreyas Talpade).

I was also anticipating “The Lake House“, but after watching it recently over DVD I was largely disappointed, mainly because of its flawed time-warp backdrop.

Next up, I’m trying to get hold of “Seven years in Tibet“.

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