Out of the box

An interesting interpretation on how to ‘think outside the box’

I decided to do some research, quite literally. I brought a 42′ HD-TV box from my garage into my living room. I tried to put myself and close the lid at the top. After pushing the self-timer button on my camera, I almost fell on my face while trying to get into the box before the picture was snapped. My conclusion, therefore, is that it is much easier, and certainly much safer, to think outside the box.

A different perspective that comes to my mind is, does ‘thinking out of the box’ become a constrained exercise when we get caught with the environment itself and our focus is diverted to the (not only, by the) external factors? Would the author of the article have been able to get into the same box in the same room if he was unaware that the camera is even active?

A mind is a terrible thing to waste Or a waist is a terrible thing to mind?!?!

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