Well it’s a Saturday, the weekend is here, and I’m catching up on some uni assignments and an office project (for which I’ll be working onsite for a few hours on Sunday as well). Now that I’m feeling a little better after a period of stress and illness, I’m looking forward to a short trip to India. Its been almost 1.5 years since I’ve been back home and I really need a change too, more so I’ll meet my family & friends. I have to sort out a few issues here and then I’ll be at ease for a while, and can enjoy my trip if I manage to get an airline booking on time 🙂

Paheli - the filmLife brings a lot of questions, and sometimes answers as well, to us. That’s how we learn to crawl before we can learn to walk. Life is full of dilemma’s and time brings a “paheli” (a mystery) for everyone, which brings me to this hindi movie which seems quite interesting. I’m quite excited about and waiting for its release in June. This offbeat film is appropriately titled Paheli, and its based on Vijaydan Detha’s legendary folk tale “Dohrijoon” (A Double Life, which was published in hindi in the form of two volumes titled ‘Uljhan’ and ‘Duvidha’). The story of the movie is really interesting and the artists look impressive so far. I’m really eager to watch this in theatre. I’m hooked on to its title song “Dheere Jalna” – very classical and melodic.

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