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Blogging has emerged from simply being personal journals to a key business news and knowledge management tool today. It’s no surprise that so many companies and Internet services use blogs to keep their users/customers informed. Bloggers are changing the way news and information travel across the globe.

Relatively, It was a pleasant surprise to receive this comment on one of my blogs posts:

Hello Ashutosh,

Thank you so much for sending the URL to your blog. I am the Total Customer Experience Manager for HP notebooks world wide, working out of Houston Texas. Yes, real people read the free text comments our customers submit with survey responses. I really appreciate the inputs from all of our customers. We categorize and prioritize actions based on what you think we do well, and where we can improve. It is challenging to get Consumer inputs and this has been a great education for me to read the posts to your blog. I will continue to check in to see how we are doing.

Thanks again for being a valued customer,


Thanks to all fellow commentors and blog readers!

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