Our Fence of Humor

It’s no surprise that women like men who make them laugh, and men like women who think they are funny. Wait a minute. Isn’t that the same thing.

Well, not exactly. See, most women aren’t as funny as most men, no pun intended, and most men don’t know that. On the contrary most men are threatened by women who are funny (or funnier than them). Think of it as the fallacy that most men go for looks and most women go for wealth.

The point is that women and men have different senses of humor. Ironically, neither gender understands this completely, and that can often make them land in a pit. Even the thought of Homer Simpson saying “I’m in no condition to drive…wait! I shouldn’t listen to myself, I’m drunk!” will crack me up, but my wife will think again if she married the right man or its time to see a shrink.

Now would you believe me that most men are happiest with smart wives.

2 thoughts on “Our Fence of Humor”

  1. How are ya mate?

    That’s being a bit harsh, but in a way that’s exactly the point – there are smart men and there are smart women, just the way there are funny men and funny women.

    I’d rather put it this way: there is no such thing as a “perfect” wife. It is a man’s wildest “desire”. Now the point where (we) men go wrong is getting confused between perfect and smart. Both are different, and should be understood and approached that way in our own everyday thinking. Because this everyday thinking will gradually start reflecting in our actions and words.

    That statement came from a study, which concluded that the higher the education level of the wife, the happier the husband is. I think if a couple can bear each other, they are smart enough! This generic smartness has got nothing to do with the intellect or IQ, its got more to do with understanding.

    Anyways, what’s up with you these days?

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